Tapes always fail! There's a better way!

Taking your backups from Good to Great

We all know we need backups, but how many of us think about them as often as we […]

Get Social

How can Social Media help your Business?

Business has certainly started to take social media seriously. Has your business? Your competitors are spending time and […]

The Cloud

What on Earth is the Cloud?

“Cloud” is a widely used IT industry term that can mean different things to different people. One of […]

Spam Awareness the Evologic way

With the rise of the Cypto virus and it’s variants, and ransomware being enabled by new currency models […]


Spam Alert: Dropbox File Share Notification

Spam Alert: Dropbox File Share Notification It has come to our attention that there has been several emails […]


If you think you’re safe from technology advancement, you’re wrong…

In reading a book recently, I was presented with a fantastic anecdote for the impact technology has on […]