Co-Managed IT, supercharging your IT Department

As a sole person IT department, or a small team supporting many Users, the expectation is that you have the time to move from replacing a keyboard one minute, to presenting  the next year’s IT budget to management. There are only so many hours in the day, and we can help you get a few of them back.

With Evologic as your IT Service Desk partner:

  • Service Desk Ticket System  Log and manage issues, email connector, time tracking, knowledge base, all-in-one!

  • End User Portal  Why keep getting phone calls when Users are empowered to log and communicate via an easy-to-use application?

  • Management Reporting & Dashboards  Customise and deliver system and user based reports to management. Show them how awesome you are.

  • Remote Monitoring & Management System  Remote access, scripting, alerting, all of it! You also get years of our knowledge and intellectual property to dig into

  • Automated Desktop Maintenance  get back some time and server resources as we take care of your MS Patching, clean up workstations and update your middle-ware apps like Adobe, Flash etc each week.

  • Remote Monitoring & Management  We have a wide spread of skills in our team, and people that love to share. Bring your team into our office for Quarterly Briefings to learn and network with the other Co-Managed teams we work with.

  • Managed AV/Spam/Firewall/Backup & DR  If you’re not happy with your current solution, or just don’t wan’t the hassle of dealing with it yourself, we can roll it into our daily processes and take the pressure off you.

  • Call for backup!  We’re here to cover you for holidays, provide bodies for projects/roll-outs, provide some specific skills to get you our of a jam. Our job is to make you look good!

From $18/month per device, you can gain systems and tools we’ve spent a decade developing, and have a team of experienced pros to standing behind you.