eServices IT Managed Services

We’ve got this…

IT Managed Services has really become the standard offering for delivering support to Small to Medium businesses for the better part of a decade. We’ve been delivering fixed price support to our clients for as long as we can remember, and know what it takes to bring predictable performance to your business network, and deliver the customer service and response times that are expected. Keeping this at a price point, and sustains us as a business as well. All partnerships need to be open and mutually beneficial, or they will eventually fail.
Our eServices engagement is the standard we hold ourselves to. The elements included out of the box are those we have learned over time, are required for predictable performance, and necessary to underpin your business operations and enable you to grow.

We focus very strongly on the strategic influence of IT within business, and managing the risks that go hand in hand with changing technology.

eServices, in a nutshell…

Proactive Technology Management

  • Security Patch Management for Microsoft Updates

  • Centrally managed Antivirus Software for PCs/Servers

  • Spam Filtering for all your email domains

  • Managed Hardware Firewall and Web Content Filtering to protect your network

  • Weekly Desktop Optimisation (Defrag, Temp Clean, Adobe/Flash etc. updates)

  • Backup & Disaster Recovery Hardware and software for Servers

  • Monthly Verification Test of backup files

  • Annual Full Recovery test of main server

Network Administration

  • Monthly Site Visit to attend to physical Incidents

  • Continuous auditing against best practice to achieve predictability

  • Complete and update Documentation

  • Monthly Backup Test and annual Full Disaster Recovery testing.

Reactive Support Services

  • Business Hours Helpdesk aiming to resolve issues on the very first contact, for all your staff.

  • Unlimited Remote Helpdesk Support for all staff

  • Supplier Management of software and technology vendors (we’ll deal with your printer people, phone people etc. on your behalf)

IT Management

  • Quarterly Business Review with an Evologic Client IT Manager

  • Budget/Planning assistance

  • Development and monitoring of a 3 year Technology Roadmap document

  • Best Practice audits and recommendations on new technologies that benefit the organisation.

Reporting Services

  • Monthly Executive Summary – Antivirus status, patch status, server disk space etc. Customised to your reporting requirements.

  • Service Status Report – Average resolution time, User statistics (who’s having the most issues), Device statistics (which software package is slowing you down) etc.

  • Monthly Backup Test results and Annual DR Test results

  • Monthly Best Practice Audit – we have about a dozen Best Practices that we audit against over the course of a year

  • Quarterly Technology Summary – Audit results and recommendations against the Technology Roadmap

  • Technology Roadmap – Strategic document we produce with you that puts your IT plan next to your Strategic Plan etc. Reviewed at Quarterly Meetings with Technology Consultant.

Where you can employ 1 staff member, we can deploy many, as required, experienced, trained and managed. We assume the basic operational risks of your network (Firewall, Virus/Malware/Spam, Backup/Disaster Recovery),provide a responsive Helpdesk to get staff back to work when needed, administer and manage things toward best practice, and help steer your use of technology with strategic I.T Management, to help you grow.

From $91/month per seat, you have the entire resources of Evologic at your disposal.