Overwhelmed by tech jargon and trying to understand how to implement solutions to prevent cybercrime, keep your data backed up, or choose cloud service providers? Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

Technology specialists are vital in any business, providing invaluable support to minimise downtime and managing security, backup solutions, servers and internet. But it’s not viable for every business to employ a specialist or an IT team. Many businesses choose instead to engage a Managed Technology Service Provider by either supplementing their internal teams or fully outsourcing their IT requirements.

There are many benefits to outsourcing to a Managed Technology Service Provider like Evologic, here are our top five.

It’s Cost-Effective

Rather than recruiting, hiring and training an expensive IT Team, your support agreement will be structured to suit your budget and you’ll only pay for additional services if and when you need them. Managed Technology Service Providers employ a team of experts with in-depth knowledge and experience across all facets of Technology, so you’ll gain IT expertise and skills well beyond your budget. This adds value to your business operations as no matter the task, you can rest assured that a top-tier expert is taking care of it.

Outsourcing Technology also gives you access to current technologies with Managed Technology Service Providers continually investing in software that would typically not be economical for SMBs to acquire or regularly update – which can leave businesses vulnerable. Some studies have suggested that SMBs can save up to 50% on their IT costs by outsourcing their IT departments.

Helpdesk Support & 24/7 Monitoring

To keep your business running efficiently, IT systems need to be available 24/7. But what happens when a system goes down on a public holiday, or at 2 am? Generally, it’s not feasible for a small internal IT team to provide 24/7 monitoring and support.

Managed Technology Service Providers, like Evologic, have a dedicated helpdesk support and monitoring team who are friendly, helpful and based locally. Fast response times also has a positive impact on your business as it is a core element of customer service.

Improved Security and Regular Audits

Cyber threats are at an all-time high and the rules change every day when it comes to cyber attacks as the bad guys find new paths to success. When it comes to data protection it is reported that only 8% of Australian businesses are adopting best practices.

Managed Technology Service Providers are at the forefront of security, data protection and have the knowledge and tools to conduct regular audits and provide complete security solutions. At Evologic we provide services such as Cyber Resilience Plans, Secure Access Management, Network Data Security, Intrusion Monitoring, Data Breach Response Plans and End User Training.

You’re Prepared to Scale Up

We live in a fast-paced world, especially when it comes to IT and businesses need to be prepared to keep up to keep their competitive edge. Partnering with a Managed Technology Service Provider enables your business to leverage a scalable solution that can seamlessly expand to meet your needs and help your business stay productive and eliminate downtime.

You Can Focus On What You Do Best

Without a sufficient internal IT Team, responsibilities often fall to employees across the business which fall outside of their original roles. As the business grows, or as IT issues become more complex to manage employees might need to prioritise this work over revenue-generating activities.

An outsourced Managed Technology Service Provider Team is a more efficient way to manage your businesses IT. Let the experts managed strategy and solutions and keep your resources focused on what matters.

Are You Considering Outsourcing Your IT?

When considering IT support options, the options aren’t limited. Evologic is a cloud-ready, Managed Technology Service Provider that leads with a strategy to help our clients positively change their status quo.

Read about how we helped our client, Workable Solutions, in supporting their business expansion and providing valued helpdesk support services and monitoring.

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