Helping an iconic Australian brand to strengthen operations and support its expansion into international markets.

Cobram Estate, established in 1998, is the leading marketer of premium Australian extra virgin olive oil and own Australia’s two top-selling homegrown olive oil brands, Cobram Estate and Red Island. In July 2014, Cobram Estate purchased a 9-acre industrial property in Woodland California with the site serving as the initial production facility in California. Subsequent facilities are being considered in other areas of the state as the production volumes increase.

The Challenge

In 2016 while planning for significant expansion to new international markets, it was identified that high-level strategic support, as well as day-to-day operational IT support, was required by their growing team to ensure business continuity and minimise downtime. 

One of the significant frustrations for the business was the lack of high-level strategic support and planning. A lack of overall integrations across IT systems and a long term plan and an understanding of service costs made it difficult to make decisions. In addition to this, operational staff could not reliably connect to efficient helpdesk support, resulting in lengthy downtimes.

“Rapid growth in our business has brought with it many challenges” – Nick Stahl, General Manager, Cobram Estate

The Solution

Cobram Estate engaged Evologic to offer a solution to their business growth and Technology risks. In 2016, over lunch at a local Geelong cafe, General Manager of Cobram Estate Nick Stahl and Chris Davies, Evologic’s Managing Director, discussed Cobram Estate’s goals and how Evologic’s Strategic IT Management and an eServices Support Solutions could help manage their technology risks, and achieve their business goals.

“Evologic provide the IT Services and Technology Strategy required to support the growth of Cobram Estate. From the IT Strategic Roadmap provided to the leadership team, the Systems Administration to keep our technology environment optimised and secure, and the highly functional and responsive Helpdesk to get help, keep our staff productive and free from technology challenges. Working with a crop like olives requires years of planning and investment and our approach to IT management is no different.” – Nick Stahl, General Manager, Cobram Estate.

The Result

Since partnering with Evologic, Cobram Estate has been able to focus on growing and distributing premium quality olive oil and much less on supporting IT. 

One of the most beneficial aspects has not only been the long-term strategy and planning of IT across the business but the implementation of it as well. Evologic also manages all of Cobram Estate’s IT support, from implementing technology projects such as providing greater bandwidth at the olive groves during the imperative and high-risk harvest period to day-to-day operational helpdesk support. Since partnering with Evologic, Cobram Estate has seen reduced IT costs, lowered risk, decreased downtime and improved overall business continuity.

“The Helpdesk support is on the ball, responsive, and reliable. Chris, Travis, Andrew and the rest of the team have been awesome.” – Nick Stahl, General Manager, Cobram Estate. 

With Evologic, Cobram Estate has an IT partner to lead the company in the right direction supporting them with the performance they need. Future-proofed Cobram Estate is technologically ready for the 21st century.

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