Supporting growth

Evologic has been supporting Costa Asset Management, a Single-Family Office with a large and diverse range of investments, established by Robert and Anthony Costa in 2011 on the partial sale of Costa Group. Costa Asset Management partnered with Evologic to create multi-faceted security solutions with ongoing general support and advice to facilitate their growing business. Their General Manager, Charles Condro, was happy to offer insights into the provision of our services.

“We liked Evologic’s view on security and felt they had a professional service to help us achieve our goals and support us as we needed. We now rely on their general help and advice on updating technology. Everyone in the office uses Evo at different stages. They offer us strategic support to help with growth and keep up with technology innovations.”


Security & Accessibility

Given Costa Asset Management holds valuable financial data including sensitive portfolio information on their private equity partners, reliable and exacting cyber security solutions were tailored to meet their needs.

“We deal with a lot of money – so we need to be well aware of the risks of cyber attacks and how that can affect the business and employees. Evologic allows us to be secure from a cyber point of view and perform our tasks with the use of technology to make us more efficient and effective. They implemented cyber security training which has been well received. They always want us to have the best practices in regard to security such as MFA. This benefits us because there’s less chance of fraud and breach of our confidential data.”

Cloud Migration

As part of Costa Asset Management’s optimisation and growth-driven roadmap, Evologic assisted them in a complete cloud migration. Moving them from physical servers to the cloud gave them global network access and increased their data security.

“Evo made the migration fairly seamless. Moving to the cloud has helped us by being able to work from anywhere, with no more physical server with backup tapes to worry about! They have also set up an environment that allows us to work from anywhere in the world and continue to perform at a high level.”


Responsive Service

Part of Evologic’s promise is to do great work with great people and Costa Asset Management is a testament to our positive and mutually rewarding partnerships. It is always a privilege to work with appreciative clients, connecting them with technology to realise desired business outcomes.

“Overall, Evologic generally do what they say they are going to do. They understand the importance of great service. Our Account Manager Travis is fantastic – he is always looking to help our business from an IT point of view. He is always reachable. There is nothing too small or too big for Travis when it comes to helping us.”

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