Cloud Infrastructure Design & Strategy

Cloud-based systems empower businesses by enabling connectivity, flexibility, virtual accessibility and centralised data management. Evologic can assist you with all stages of your cloud journey, from initial consultancy through to strategy implementation and ongoing monitoring.

We can help you make the most of your cloud-based system for better collaboration, streamlined communication, failsafe data storage, increased shareability and more. Managed services such as Office 365 and cloud file sharing can transform your business operation.

Office 365
Simple migration to Microsoft's hosted email solution with access to applications like Word and Excel.
Remote Desktop
Tried and tested remote access software to allow your workforce to work from any location.
MS Exchange Server
Essential tools for business such as email, scheduling and a whole lot more with MS Exchange.
Cloud File Sharing
Control, store and share files securely with your team and clients with cloud file sharing solutions.
Infrastructure Montoring
High level visibility of your infrastructure so you can make informed decisions and respond to incidents.
Business Internet
Reliable high-speed internet from some of Australia's leading data providers, managed by us.
Cloud Infrastructure Services

One of the major benefits of cloud infrastructure services are their ‘pay as you need’ pricing models. When implementing a cloud solution, we can recommend the technology along with the individual package that will maximise your return on investment.

Cloud services makes big business infrastructure available to small and micro businesses, setting you up with the capability to scale up on demand.

Cloud Service Management

Even after deploying a seamless and comprehensive cloud solution, it’s important to monitor performance and plan for the future. Our specialists can provide reliable support of your cloud services so that your systems are reliable, performing consistently and cost-effective.

We can monitor applications, servers and endpoints – such as desktops and mobile devices – to deliver a stable technology platform for your business operations.

Frequently asked questions

What are the key benefits of transitioning to cloud services for business operations?

Transitioning to cloud services offers numerous benefits for business operations, including enhanced connectivity, flexibility, and virtual accessibility. With cloud computing, businesses can manage workflows more efficiently and expand operations without the constraints of traditional IT infrastructure.

What are the advantages of using Office 365 and other managed services in cloud environments?

Utilising managed services like Office 365 in cloud environments allows businesses to leverage enterprise-grade applications and storage solutions without significant investment in physical infrastructure. The advantages include seamless application updates, global accessibility, cost-effective scalability, and integrated security features. These services facilitate streamlined workflow management and enhanced collaborative efforts across various geographical locations.

Can cloud-based remote desktop services improve workforce productivity?

Cloud-based remote desktop services significantly enhance workforce productivity by enabling employees to access their work environments from any location with an internet connection. This flexibility allows for a more responsive business model where employees can perform tasks and address issues without the need to be physically present at the office, thus maximising operational efficiency and employee satisfaction.

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