Happy Sunday Afternoon all,

Firstly, I am sorry to add to the already huge number of “COVID-19 Update” emails I’m sure everyone has received! But, open and clear communication has never been more important.

Please share this message with your leadership and management teams to ensure clarity, and provide assurance that your business technology will not be be a blocker during this period.

These certainly are interesting times! Ones in which we all feel vulnerable in the face of uncertainty. Personally and professionally.

I want to firstly emphasis how much the team at Evologic are here to help. We have and always will, lead with heart.

After taking in as much information as possible, Evologic have taken the following actions in response to this ever-changing situation:

Flexible Workforce

  • As of today, Evologic have no confirmed cases of COVID-19 within the team or our immediate families.
  • Starting Monday, March 16, 75% of Evologic Staff will be distributed to their homes until further notice.
  • Geelong Engineering and Sales/Finance offices will remain open with minimal staff.
  • All Evologic Support Services are hosted in Cloud environments, and protected by 2Factor Authentication systems, enabling us to maintain our usual service levels.


  • Using Cloud/VoIP technologies, our Service Desk will remain accessible via email and our Office phone (03) 5222 6677.
  • Email is still the preferred request communication method, with Phone for High Priority requests.
  • Evologic is committed to continuing our open and honest approach to communication and expect the same from our clients and partners.

Site Visits

  • Until more information is released, all scheduled on-site services will continue to be performed.
  • Should you have confirmed or suspected Coronavirus cases within your business or direct families, please let us know to ensure we all take appropriate steps.
  • Should physical access to a location become restricted, site visits will be cancelled.
  • Should a client location have a confirmed or suspected Coronavirus case, all site visits will be cancelled.

Your Remote Work Options

  • If you need assistance providing remote work options to your staff, get in touch with your Evologic IT Manager.
  • We can help, but are receiving a large number of request, so ask for some patience.
  • There may be costs attached to these changes, but we will, as always, be mindful of the financial stress to business that current and future events may bring to us all.


  • As you may have worked out, most computer hardware comes from China, and we simply can’t get anything consistently.
  • Our sales and procurement teams will work with your teams to meet any urgent needs, however possible.

Please keep us in the loop with any changes you may have in your business, as we will keep you informed of changes at Evo.

I have copied our Leadership Team, IT Management Team, and Network and Systems Team to this email, to help ensure you have contact details for fast  and direct communications.

With care,
Chris Davies

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