By now, we’ve all received an avalanche of “COVID-19 Update” emails. We’ve sent one out as it’s the right thing to do in times of uncertainty, over-communicate clarity! Clarity may be the missing component in the way our media and government are communicating, but that’s a whole other conversation on leadership. But, as we can all expect, Spammers and Scammers are praying on our vulnerability with targeted COVID-19/Coronavirus phishing emails. Using fear, uncertainty and doubt to try and steal your data or dollars.

As with anything, please use caution when opening emails. Hover over links to view the full address, and if something smells phishy, don’t click it!

Evologic clients, if you have concern over a potentially important email, give us a call and we can help you take a look. If you think some ongoing, formal training for your team on cyber security sounds like the right thing to do (and it is), get in touch with your Evo IT Manager. The weakest point in your network is unfortunately you.

From our Security Awareness Provider, Knowbe4, we have the following examples of Coronavirus/COVID-19 emails doing the rounds:

Cyber Security for Employees


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