How did Evologic begin?

We were co-founded in 2002 by Chris Davies.

We were started with the vision of freeing businesses from IT interruptions and supporting the growth of our client's businesses through changing the status quo. 

What are you good at?

Outsourced IT support, obviously!

But apart from that, we are good at going beyond the basics with IT support. We excel when we are helping you change your status quo because we understand how to align your business strategy with technology. A win for us is being seen as being an extension of your business, not your outsourced IT support company!

What differentiates Evologic from other IT service providers?

We don't want to give you the bare minimum. We want to partner with you to help you meet your strategic goals. 

To do this, we must also be strategic and proactive with our services. 

When IT is central to your business, your IT must be more than just a utility in order for your business to move ahead of the status quo. 

How will I know if I'm a good fit for Evologic?

Our clients want to change the status quo of their businesses.

They want to increase efficiency and productivity, as well be ahead of latent needs. They want to utilise technology to take their business to the next stage. 

But, they also understand they need their Outsourced IT Support company to be on the same page. Not simply comfortable with the status quo.