2018 is on the horizon and the prediction is out: It’s going to be the year of technology fuelled business growth.  

A recent study identified Australian businesses as being the most integrated with IT in the world.  However, the benefit is two sided. Not only does this environment accept technology infused businesses across industries, but it signals it is necessary to integrate with IT to stay relevant 

We’ve looked first hand into the trends of technology adaption in Australian businesses, and summarised the 4 ways your competitors are taking advantage of tech, through cloud computing.

1. They are recognising that the work force of today wants to work from anywhere

Gone are the days where we need to be stuck to our desks to function. Most of us expect mobility when coming in to the work place. From accessing emails through to using key business systems, Australians want to have anywhere access.  

Businesses who realise this (including your competitors),  not only implement cloud technologies that enable a mobile work force, but are also able to leverage this as a way of acquiring top talent.  

A popular first step for businesses in enabling this mobility, is migrating emails to the cloud.  Office 365 becomes the logical choice here. The suite of products go beyond the everyday emails, it enable organisations to integrate file sharing, and more! 

The great news? We have a post dedicated only to Office 365. Read our post here to see the greater list of benefits you could be missing out. 

2. They are using data from the present, to inform future decisions 

Data driven business decisions have always been in fashion. However, it’s practicality has never been quite up to scratch.  

Enter business intelligence technologies, like Microsoft’s Power BI. 

At a click of a button you can have all your company data, displayed in a visual dashboard, with all the metrics that are important to you and your role… with real time updates! 

But it get’s better. Everyone in your organisation can have their own customised dashboard, with the data insights that matter to them and their role.  

Imagine the advantage working off of real time data insights could bring to your business decisions, all thanks to the cloud! 

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3. They are not stuck with manual backups 

With the rise of cyber attacks, information security is on the top of everyone business owners agenda in a increasingly technology intertwined business landscape.  

Cloud computing gives you a disaster recovery plan. Whether it be a natural disaster affecting your office space, or a cyber attack encrypting all your business information, cloud technologies allow for automatic backs up , giving you piece of mind that you can pick up where you left off if a disaster strikes, no information lost.  

4. They are leveraging software to drive their business

Cut the overheads with a pay for what you use pricing structure. Cloud computing has bought with it a new way to consume software: as a service.  

Gone are the days where you need to visit a fortune teller to predict your software needs. Software as a Service abides by a “pay per user per month” approach. From accounting software such as MYOB and Xero, through to CRM software such as Microsoft Dynamics 365, software has never been so accessible.  

With cloud computing opening opportunities to enhance business agility and innovation, it’s no wonder so many Australian businesses are using technological tools to enhance their operations. 

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