You may have heard that the big question when considering a move to the cloud is no longer arguing the ‘why’, but the ‘why not‘? 

Though your server may have played a significant role in your organisation over the years, new technology (ahem, cloud computing) has bought new opportunities for businesses to leverage. If you are still unclear on the benefits the cloud can bring to you, here’s our top 4 reasons to help you make the decision to say goodbye to your server, today.  

Your bottom line 

Although the cloud brings so much more than a cost saving, unfortunately this aspect can often be a make or break for adoption. 

Not only does the cloud give you access to world-class resources previously reserved for the Fortune 500, but in most cases it is also the most economical solution long term (did we hear a gasp?).  

To expand, you get access to the latest and greatest infrastructure, with software which is always up to date, all of which is overseen and backed up regularly by world class professionals. 

Best of all? There is no overhead investment costs, you only pay for the resources your businessconsumes! 

Your disaster recovery plan 

Furthering on the notion of cost saving, because of the nature of the cloud, you can also think of the cloud as your comfort blanket. 

For example, if tomorrow your physical office space came crashing down in an unfortunately magnificent way, could your business continue? 

For many businesses, the answer is no – all of their important information is stored, and backed up in the same location. By backing up your information to the cloud, you are able to spread your risk and can provide your business with a solid disaster recovery plan. You can finally sleep in peace! 


This is often the area people are most dubious about – the security of their information when stored on the cloud… as opposed to in their backroom.  

These day’s, the biggest threat to the security of your information is not from someone physically taking it – it’s the ability for a cyber criminal to get access to your information from the comfort of their own home.  

Cyber attacks saw a sharp increase in 2017 with many big businesses experiencing security breeches, and it’s not slowing down in 2018. Because of this, you need to be on you’re A-Game when it comes to online security systems. 

By working with a cloud provider, and leveraging a reputable cloud computing platform, you can ensure you have the security features in place to keep your data protected.  

And for those who are wondering about the physical security of the servers – it is still a high priority. For example, Microsoft Azure keeps strict controls around physical access. Not only that, but they are certified to the most comprehensive portfolio of internationally recognised standards and certifications. You can rest assured your data is kept under maximum security conditions.   

Boost performance with integrated tools 

There is a lot to be said around the advantages to be had in leveraging cloud tools. Not only does the cloud allow for flexible (secure) access to your information – which opens up a whole new world on it’s own, it also gives you the ability to implement new productivity tools which can be integrated seamlessly with your existing software. Get ready to take your business to new heights!  

Some of our personal favorites are Microsoft Teams, Power BI and Flow – you can read more about their advantages in a recent blog post here 

The resources, scale and specialised talent available to reputable cloud platforms is a whole new level – and best of all, you can tap into it at a fraction of the cost of implementing and maintaining your own server.  

It can be hard to say goodbye to an old friend, so the good news is you don’t have to quit cold turkey! You can still have your server playing a minor role on the side. 

If you are wanting to learn more about the cloud migration process, we have compiled our expert’s knowledge into a new guide, How to migrate your business to the cloud successfully. Download below.

Migrating Your Business To The Cloud Successfully

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