Purchasing an operating system and the software to go along with it has become a much more complex process. With a multitude of systems, functions, extras, and bundles on the market between the two major players, Apple and Microsoft, pinning down the best one can be a head-spin.

Squaring in on Microsoft products, the biggest conundrum for businesses is choosing between Office 365 and Microsoft 365.

What is Office 365

Office 365 is a cloud-based collection of program and service essentials for businesses. It includes all the classics such as Microsoft Word, Outlook, Excel (everyone’s go-to database solution), and PowerPoint.

It also includes a suite of other apps – depending on which plan you go for – that may include SharePoint, Skype for Business, Exchange, Yammer, Microsoft Teams, and a few other popular apps and services.

What is Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 is a neat bundle of apps and services that includes a Windows 10 Enterprise or Pro upgrade, the full Office 365 suite, and the Mobility and Security functions featured on Enterprise, all under multiple plan subscription options.

Microsoft 365 Business is geared to small to medium sized businesses and can facilitate up to 300 users at once with a focus on everything you need for business productivity and connectedness.

Microsoft 365 Enterprise is designed for fostering communication and collaboration through a suite of dedicated apps and functions, as well as enhanced security options to protect data and other sensitive information.

Microsoft 365 also comes with Mobile Device Management that allows businesses to manage mobile devices and add extra security through login and user-locked policies.

Security is also a key feature of Microsoft 365, with access to data security tools such as Azure Information Protection, and Device Guard, Credential Guard, and Windows Hello.

The difference

You may have already started to notice the difference between the two, but let’s break it down.

Office 365 is a suite of apps and services that facilitate productivity within businesses, all within the cloud. It requires you to have already purchased or be operating the Windows 10 platform.

Microsoft 365 is a completely integrated service package tailored to businesses that encompasses all the Office 365 functions and features along with an upgraded Windows 10 platform and increased security.

Both offer monthly or annual subscription options and are relatively similar in price when stacked against each other.

Deciding between Office 365 and Microsoft 365

Deciding on which of these Microsoft products is best suited to your business means asking yourself a few key questions such as:

Are you already using all the different bits and pieces of both services, and would benefit from bundling them?

If you’re already using most of the apps and services in the full Microsoft suite, then bundling them into a fully integrated package will save you time, money, and a bunch of different licence fees coming from all directions.

Do you need everything that Microsoft 365 is offering?

You may not need the whole kit and kaboodle for your business, in which case, purchasing or subscribing to individual apps on a need’s basis may be more cost effective.

Does your business deal with data or sensitive information that warrants extra security tools?

Security for your business is always essential. Your level of security requirements will rise or fall depending on the type of data and information you deal with, so will your need for tools to manage it.

Does all this information require a chat?

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