Our Values


We genuinely trust and respect each other. We create a safe place to challenge ideas and opinions to deliver success together.


We are proactive, take pride in overall results and get things done. We are responsible for our work and role in contributing to the best outcome.We enter every situation with the attitude "We've got this!"


We advance our knowledge and skills to improve our services. We want to be a learn it all, not a know it all.


We seek to understand perspective and how people feel. We listen and genuinely care about delivering.
One of the founders, often referred to as Bossman around the office, loves coffee and his family... not necessarily in that order.
Head of Finance
Freshly arrived in Geelong, Aude enjoys the simple pleasures of life like good cappuccino, local pastries and long walks on the beach.
Service Desk Manager
Knowing his life would involve computers from an early age, Tyrone owned his own company in South Africa for 16+ years before a new life in Australia of beach walks, outdoor adventures and playing in parks with his son and wife.
Dedicated Onsite IT Manager
His early career was spent with ISPs delivering the internet to Geelong. Loves his family and cricket... and food...
IT Advisor
Degrees in IT and IS, relationships and looking sharp. Loves being social and seems to know everyone.
Project Engineer
Recent recipient of the 'Evologic Fur Parent of the Year' award. He can be found watching every SpaceX launch ever and refreshing the status website for his new Tesla every 35 seconds... also does project work.
L1 Systems Engineer
A small fish in the big pond aiming to grow. Has a love for video games, basketball and spending time with friends and family.
L2 Systems Engineer
Likes Japanese stuff! Weaboo at heart. Likes codes, puzzles, gadgets, games, you name it.
Client Asset Coordinator
When not at work, Ellie enjoys spending time with family and friends, chatting over a coffee (or several) and cake, video + board games, and reading.
Systems Administrator
Andy loves outdoor activities like camping and trail riding his dirt bike whenever he can. Nowadays, most of his time is spent with his family and chasing after his two young boys.
NOC Engineer
Deakin university graduate who has majored in video game design and development, 3D modelling and other audio-visual asset creation.
Systems Administrator
A lifelong tinkerer. Not afraid to pull something apart to see how it ticks, and (hopefully) put it back together again. Enjoys a puzzle, and is the self-proclaimed king of trivia.
InfoSec Engineer
Melbourne based infosec aficionado with a penchant for politics, science and gaming. Biomed graduate and resident medical "expert".
Administration Assistant
Recently joined the Admin team at Evologic with many years experience in Admin and customer service. When not at work she is spending time with her family and friends, Indulging in her love of coffee and food, and planning her next holiday.
Service Coordinator
Spending time with family and friends, dog walks on the beach, movies, loves coffee (and cake!) and the occasional whisky.
Accounts Payable Assistant
Likes pasta, pizza, coffee and chocolates. Janell’s hobbies include watching movies and TV series, singing karaoke and cross-stitching. She also enjoys board games and listening to music.
Account Executive
Cal loves to play golf, which is now around the new little addition to his life, his daughter Zoe. He enjoys the opportunities that being an Account Executive has given him, where he has a great chance to learn and feed off the team around him.
Project Engineer
Co-Founder of iSpeakIT Werribee, running the MSP arm of the business before joining Evologic. He's a music nerd who is as comfortable leading a WoW Raid as much as mixing lyrics for a classic Evo rap battle.
Josh B
L1 Systems Engineer
Josh likes his food, food, fooooood! His hobbies include playing games (regardless of platform/genre), listening to music and singing. He also likes watching and supporting YouTubers and professional E-Sports players.
Service Coordinator
After 25 years as a SQL Consultant and Project Manager in Melbourne, Majella made the downsizing sea change to the Bellarine in the pursuit of a better work life balance. Lover of art, homewares and self-confessed crazy dog lady can be found walking her dog at Ocean Grove beach in her spare time.
L1 Systems Engineer
Self-proclaimed eccentric, loves Anime, Gaming and Food. A 4D girl in a 3d world, who has been tried and tested in the battle zone that is Telco. Here in all her 6ft* glory to add sugar, spice and everything nice to the team. (*do not fact check that)
Systems Administrator
A highly experienced systems engineer, Justin enjoys taking his dog for walks and reading stories with his daughter.
L2 Systems Engineer
Michael enjoys reading, writing short stories, and discovering and playing with new technologies.
L1 Systems Engineer
An adventure sports enthusiast who enjoys dabbling in board games, video games and comics. He also has an innate love for all things snow.
L1 Systems Engineer
Liam is beginning his career at Level 1 in an IT environment (literally). If he's not gaming, then he's expanding his ever-growing Lego collection.
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