If you are anything like us, business growth is always one of your annual goals. Just like you, we understand the struggle of creating an inexpensive, actionable game plan, which doesn’t follow the status quo. After all, we want better than average results!

So, we thought we would divulge the strategic growth changes we use and recommend to our clients.

These strategies are like our secret potion; we like to sprinkle them everywhere!

1.  First up, professional development 

To grow your business, you must continue to learn and grow yourself, and your staff. This will enable you to provide customers with more value than your industry’s standard. By being knowledgeable in your field, you are likely to set yourself apart from your competition, and monetise your extra efforts exponentially!

Upskilling shouldn’t be a long process, either.  Investing just one hour per day into learning something new, or the changes in your field, will allow you to quickly enter a league of your own, where opportunities to grow your business are plentiful!

Need a practical example of how we manage development and career growth at Evologic? We’ve got you covered!

As well as carrying annual performance reviews, we keep up with our people by scheduling quarterly meetings. Each quarter we help them make progress on their careers by checking in with them, and prompting them to consider what they’re doing to achieve in 3 key areas:

  • Performance:Specific results that contributes to the success of the department
  • Skills and competences: Skills required to support the above (soft skills)
  • Personal development: Competency improvements such as training, courses and so on

We also help our staff to reflect on the answers to these questions, “Do I do my best to”:

  • Set clear goals?
  • Make progress to goal achievement?
  • Be happy?
  • Find a meaning?
  • Build positive relationships?
  • Be fully engaged?

This may sound hard at first, but it becomes easier as you go, trust us!

2. Second, become productivity hacking experts!

We are all well versed with the saying “Time is money and money is time”, but do you put this philosophy into practice? To start with, we always recommend to think if there are any tasks that you, or others in your organization can automate. By ensuring everyone’s time is spent productively, you will be preforming at optimal efficiency all the time. This reduces costs associated with inefficiencies and time spent on unproductive tasks.

Don’t know where to get started? This 1-minute video explains the 11 habits that are likely to increase your productivity!

3. Lastly, if IT is central to your organization, make sure your provider is conscious of aligning your business strategy with IT. 

Not because of the cost ill-performing or inadequate IT has on your bottom line, but also because of the easy wins lost by not implementing the latest technologies!

Your IT provider can take your business a step further, from IT being just a tool, to being the driver behind reaching your business goals. Who doesn’t want a quick, easy win?

And that’s our secret potion we love to share! We have found that by making changes in these three areas, businesses can make easy, quick and cost effective growth gains. If you implement any of our tips, let us know your results!

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