If your first question is “the digi-what??”, then this post is for you!

The term ‘digital transformation’ was described well by iScoop as “the profound and accelerating transformation of business activities, processes, competencies and models to fully leverage the changes and opportunities of digital technologies and their impact across society in a strategic and prioritised way.”

In another words, digital transformation refers to how companies are leveraging technology and the new opportunities it brings in their businesses.

Now before you go thinking, “that’s why I’ve never heard of it, it’s tech related – not for me!” let us give you some examples and explain how you can start leveraging technology in your business, for those who aren’t IT experts!

Many Australian companies, recognising that their customers were changing, have jumped on the digital transformation band-wagon with huge success.

To make it super simple for you, we thought we would use Domino’s Pizza as an example.

In Australia, Domino’s doesn’t just see technology as a business enabler, or a baseline necessity, they perceive technology as being a legitimate goal in its own right.

For Domino’s pizza, harnessing the digital transformation is important because their customer demographic is primarily young people.

What Domino’s did for their transformation was give access and visibility to the customer through creating an interactive website and app where customers can place their order online/through the app and track where their order is (from being made to where it is on the delivery route).

Since the start of their transformation, their share price has risen more than 500% in the 3 years. At the moment, over 50% of all orders are placed online, and their 1 million+ Facebook fans are encouraged to contribute their own pizza recipes.

And Domino’s aren’t the only ones embracing technology, the Australian Government is also going through a digital transformation of their own!

With the mission of utilising technology to simplify processes, the Australian Government’s vision is to have it be “simple and fast to get things done with government, through any channel. Government resources will be deployed with agility and performance better measured.” And they are analysing end user needs to drive the transformation.

How you can start your digital transformation

I’m guessing your question now is “how do I start my digital transformation?!”

Our advice is to partner with a reputable IT provider. By partnering with professionals, you get access to experts who can help you implement the latest technology which will help you achieve your business growth goals.

A top IT provider will be able to align your business strategy with your IT, allowing you to reach your full business potential and maximise your business growth.

Letting you do what you do best, business, and letting an IT provider do what they do best, IT. Win-win!

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