The traditional Microsoft Office package has evolved into an essential business powerhouse. No longer is it just a platform for creating Word documents and Excel spreadsheets, the now super popular productivity suite Office 365 has morphed into a platform that’s implementation enables you to single handedly take your business to the next level.  

What makes it so special? think about it as your old office package on steroids, a suite of products made to enhance coolaboration inside and outside of your organisation, bundled in a pay per user/per month package, in the cloud.

Want to know the seven ways Office 365 can accelerate your business? Read on: 

1. Real-Time Collaboration 

Office 365 allows you to collaborate with your colleagues on documents in real-time, streamlining the collaboration process and boosting efficiency. It also allows collaboration on a larger scale with the ability to work together on a document remotely, making sure everyone on the team is working towards the same goal.   

2. Virtual Meetings 

Businesses need communication to survive. However, the costs they incur are not just associated to travelling expenses, you also have to consider the cost of disruption. Office 365 has created a solution with high-speed virtual meeting capabilities. This allows you to keep the open discussion with your collaborators without leaving the office. Top of the range communication AND being able to minimize your down time? Win-win! 

3. Send and Share Data 

There is a fine line between keeping data secure and being able to access or share it with selectedindividuals. Office 365 allows you to pick and choose who has access to what information through their range of security levels and smart features, focused on keeping your information safe. A bonus is that this tool allows you to send secure attachments to individuals outside of your organization. 

4. Eliminate the Burden of Email 

Introducing the next generation of emails! Businesses (including ours) rely on email communication, however Outlook in the Office 365 bundle gives you more communication options which relieves your inbox from unnecessary clutter. Think instant in house messenger, voice and video calling and more! Best of all, you can know the presence of the person you’re trying to communicate with at a glance. It really is the next generation of one-stop-shop businesscommunication. 

5. Remote Working 

Make working remotely as productive as working in the office. Office 365 allows you and your employees to log into one system and access all the tools and information they have available to them in office. Imagine this scenario: you’re with a client and need to access an important piece of information remotely, with Office 365 you can simply login and retrieve it on the spot. The doors this opens for your business is mind-blowing, so make sure you put it to good use! 

6. Reduced Management 

One of the great advantages Office 365 gives your business is how hands off it allows you to be – it requires little management from your end. Updates are ‘server side’ meaning they automaticallyupdate – making sure you have access to the latest version, without the time taken out for your day to make an update. Think no more servers you need to maintain, and no more patching on-premise servers or software! 

7. Say Good-Bye to Servers 

Following on from the point above, you will no longer need mail or file servers. If that isn’t good news, I don’t know what is! Office 365 uses a secure, externally based cloud solution to store your data, taking the headache of servers off your hands… It’s almost too good to be true! 

Whether you are already using it, or considering getting started, there is no doubt that Office 365 can give your business the flexibility it needs to achieve higher productivity.

If you are just getting started, then we have a great 1-1 workshop created to help you understand more about this tool, and how it can work for your business. 

If you are an Office 365 lover already, you might be interested to know how you can leverage the newest additions of Office 365 (have you heard of Flow, Planner and Teams yet?),  and we would love to help! get in touch with us today.

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