We have found that 90 percent of small to mid-sized businesses have some combination of email addresses, passwords or other PII data on the Dark Web. As soon as cybercriminals have personal or company data, they will most likely attempt to sell it on the Dark Web. 

A free Cyber Security Checkup from Evologic includes a Dark Web scan that reveals whether or not your privacy has been compromised and more importantly, how you can address the security breach ASAP.

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The Dark Web is a network of internet sites that offer complete anonymity for users. This makes it a hotbed for cybercrime activity. It can only be accessed with a specialised web browser. You can read more about data breaches and the Dark Web here.


We can continue to monitor your company 24/7 so you get alerted as soon as your credentials are identified as being for sale on the Dark Web. Automatic alerts prompt urgent password changes to avoid hackers accessing more valuable information. Evologic has an experienced team of consultants that can develop and implement a thorough security strategy that protects your business network and data.

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