Business IT Management

Think of us as your own, internal IT department – but at a fraction of the cost. Our full service IT support gives Small Business through to National Brands, the support they need for their business operations. We have a team of onsite IT professionals who monitor, maintain, support and provide reports on your IT environment.

Most importantly we identify problems & incidents before they impact your business. Our proactive approach maintains your business continuity and reduces your overall technology costs.

Technical or security issues identified, responded to and resolved before your business is affected.
Maintain optimal service delivery with the maintenance of software and hardware components.
Fast and friendly on site and help desk support that you can rely on to keep your business operating smoothly.
Protect your business, its data and reputation from cyber threats with our range of security solutions.
Reliable and highly available cloud email solutions that have reliable delivery and strong spam filtering.
We install, configure and manage backup solutions to provide redundancy of your key business data.
Customised Services & Support

Almost every business has different technology needs. We conduct an initial audit to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your business technology. This is an important step in our partnership with new clients that identifies your true business requirements.

We can then create fixed cost packages that are tailored for your business and budget. We can construct a support package that provides help where you need it. In turn this will increase the efficiency and reliability of your business operations.

Fast resolution when you need it most

Clients receive quick and friendly support via phone, email or even onsite.  Remote support is often the quickest solution for small issues, but we are always prepared for an onsite visit when required. Our support team is always on hand to assist.

Normal weekday support hours cover 7am to 7pm with emergency after hours support options also available. Our tiered escalation support process ensures that even the most complex device or network issues are resolved as quickly as possible.

Discover how we can assist your business

We offer an IT review where we help you take stock of your current situation, and create a personalised road map to technology that aligns with your business goals. Get in touch with us and learn what the right technology solution would look like for your business.

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