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Data breaches and cyber attacks are a daily occurrence, so you need rigorous prevention, detection and response mechanisms in place to protect your assets, uphold your reputation and maintain daily operations.

Evologic can identify what cyber security risks are unique to your business, then develop and implement a custom solution to protect your network and data. Once in place, we perform regular audits, scans and security checkups to maintain your resilience against cyber attacks and data leakage.

Cyber Resilience Plan
Ensure your business is prepared for cyber threats so you can confidently operate and expand.
Data Breach Response Plan
Meet your security, business reputation and legal obligations in the event of a data breach.
Secure Access Management
Implement access controls to securely provide access to specific data to your network users.
Endpoint Security
Ensure workstations, servers, phones and tablets within your organisation are secure and protected.
Secure Remote Access
Provide business application access to your mobile workforce in a secure environment with optimal performance.
Network Data Security
Mitigate the risk of attackers degrading or exploiting your network to impact your business or steal data.
Disaster Recovery
Protect your business data from cyber threats, physical disasters or even accidental deletions.
Intrusion Monitoring
Our monitoring services can identify and notify our team to respond to intrusions as they occur.
End-user Training
Staff can be a weak point so adequate team training is essential for your overall security.
Network Security

So your business can run safely, your network infrastructure and system communications need to be as secure as your individual devices. It is therefore critical that your network is designed, managed and supported by a professional service provider such as Evologic.

One of our top priorities is to protect the confidentiality and accessibility of your computer network and data through a combination of software and hardware. As part of our ongoing service, we can regularly conduct a comprehensive network audit to identify any potential gaps in your network defence.

Monitoring, Training & Reporting

Utilising the latest technologies, Evologic can provide effective protection from unauthorised entry to your business systems. Our service ensures your devices and network are protected from the latest virus, malware and software vulnerabilities.

Even if your technology infrastructure is performing well, staff awareness and training is critical to maintaining a strong defence network. We provide training and ongoing assessment, reporting on the security awareness of your teams.

Frequently asked questions

Why is protecting against data breaches and cyber attacks critical?

Protecting against data breaches and cyber attacks is crucial because these incidents directly impact a company’s operational integrity, reputation, and financial standing. In the era of digital business, data breaches can result in significant losses, not just financially due to recovery costs and potential fines, but also in terms of customer trust and brand image. Effective prevention, detection, and response mechanisms form the backbone of a robust cybersecurity strategy, safeguarding a business’s digital and physical assets against increasing daily threats. This holistic approach ensures the continuity of operations, maintains stakeholder confidence, and complies with regulatory requirements, making it indispensable for modern businesses.

What is a Cyber Resilience Plan?

A Cyber Resilience Plan ensures businesses are adequately prepared for any cyber threats, allowing for confident and secure operations and growth. It encompasses strategies to both prevent cyber incidents before they happen and to respond effectively if they do occur, minimising potential damage and ensuring business continuity.

How does Secure Access Management work?

Secure Access Management involves implementing sophisticated access controls to ensure that only authorized individuals can access specific data within a network. This critical security measure helps protect sensitive information from unauthorised access, mitigating the risk of data breaches and ensuring compliance with data protection regulations.

How important is Disaster Recovery?

Disaster Recovery is pivotal for safeguarding business data against threats, including cyber attacks, physical disasters, or accidental deletions. It ensures that an organization can quickly restore its data and resume operations with minimal disruption, which is crucial for maintaining business continuity, protecting stakeholder interests, and fulfilling legal obligations related to data protection and privacy.

We offer a complete IT review where we assess your current security levels and create a customised protection solution to keep your company data in safe hands. Get in touch with us to learn about the most effective security strategy for your business.

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