Why you can trust Evologic

“We talk about trust all the time in business. We believe that trust begins with openness, is built on consistency and is maintained by transparency. We demonstrate competency with certifications, accreditations, training and an education policy underscored by 20 years of service, community engagements and partnerships.”

Chris Davies
Managing Director


Through community engagements and reputable partnerships with credible providers, you can feel confident that we are of unquestionable character. Through cloud-based infrastructure, we offer scalability that can be relied upon as your business expands. Because you need to stay operational, our business continuity and disaster recovery processes exist to remedy issues with rapid turnaround. To continue to improve our services, we measure our performance by monitoring key performance metrics while our helpdesk prides itself on responsive customer service. 


Protection of your data is paramount. That’s why Evologic has developed comprehensive processes and privacy safeguards that follow industry best practices. We are transparent about where and how we store data, and the steps we can take to ensure all team members manage your data responsibly. 

Our teams are regularly educated and updated on essential privacy and security practices to maintain the confidentiality of your data at all times.


For 20 years, Evologic has been trusted to deliver security services to a wide range of businesses. We follow security guidelines as set by the Australian government and continue to perform tests to heighten your defence against potential attacks. We also regularly conduct comprehensive network audits to identify any potential weak points in your network defence.

Evologic is committed to connecting you with the latest security technology, so we follow globally recognised practices and guidelines by partnering with industry leaders.


We achieve compliance through industry-recognised certifications, valid accreditations and a proficient staff training and education policy.

Evologic is trusted by numerous enterprise-level operations to deliver proven security solutions.


If you’d like to know more about our security services and compliance accreditation, please contact one of our friendly team members who can answer all of your questions.

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