Despite our best attempts, as business leaders we can only predict so much. Unexpected instances occur more often than we like to think. It seems it’s only a matter of time before you are blindsidedby an event that could severely impact your businesses continuity.  

However, many SME’s have yet to develop a disaster recovery plan, putting their business in an increasingly vulnerable position if disaster were to strike (read WannaCry, flooding etc.).  

If you need a sign to start implementing a business continuity plan, consider this it!  

An effective disaster recovery plan is comprehensive and implementable, and it prepares your business  to maintain it’s operations in the wake of a traumatic event.  

So how do you evaluate a suitable disaster recovery plan? To help you get started, we’ve outlined the top 4 points to consider when designing your businesses recovery plan. 

1. Recovery time & accessibility 

Know what you would need to get back up and running if your workplace became inaccessible. What data is crucial for you to have access to? How would you access it? (devices, internet connectivity?). It’s just as important to know how you can pick up working after a disaster, as it is to know you have your information backed up. 

2. Cost 

Unfortunately, we can’t ignore the need for solutions to make business economic sense, so cost is still one of our top questions. There’s no point in implementing a system you can’t afford to maintain long-term.  

3. Recoverability 

You want to make sure your plan reflect your business needs. Would your business be ok with loosing a day worth of information? What about an hour? Make sure that your solution fits your business needs if dooms day strikes.  

4. Your backups  

If you haven’t considered cloud computing yet, start investigating. The cloud has been incredible formitigating businesses against disasters, some servers lend themselves to cloud hosting too. Ifapplicable for your business, we recommend going cloud-first.  

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