If you are a frequent reader of our blog, you will have realised that the worlds of business and technology are colliding. Though this can seem daunting, it also brings massive opportunity to early adopters. 

The shift is bigger than business. In fact, it’s the result of a knock on effect from the way technology is changing society as a whole. Workers now expect the flexibility and productivity advantages technology allows for. What does this mean for businesses? They are expected to keep up with the changes. 

The technological capabilities to meet these expectation may be available, however there are fundamental problems with they way businesses are utilising technology. 

But how could this be? The answer’s simple, businesses are using the wrong tools for central business tasks.  

Think storing important documents on email. All of these create data silos that hinder your businesses functioning and progress.  

But there’s light at the end of the tunnel! OneDrive and Power BI both work to deconstruct these silos, and give your business the flexibility and productivity employees demand in the 21st Century.  

What about future needs? 

There are new demands arising. One of these is collaboration. When the average staff member spends 50% of their time collaborating, there’s a high demand for platforms that are more advanced than email, like Microsoft Teams. Imagine the quick productivity gains you could make by leveragingthe right technologies.  

When you have the fundamentals sorted, you can then look for the big wins which come with automation. By automating routine tasks you can free your staff up to do more of the things whichactually make a different to your business. Best of all? Technologies that make this possible are available to all businesses, regardless of size. Thanks Microsoft Flow! 

So, what does all of this mean for the future of your business? 

What all these technologies have in common is that they all leverage the wonders of cloud computing, which means that you can access all of these platforms securely, from any device with an internet connection. If that doesn’t sound like advantage, we don’t know what does! 

The future of your business is anywhere and everywhere. It’s at your home, it’s at the beach, it’s at a café. You are connected in the best way possible, giving you the flexibility and freedom to achieve more. 

What’s more, everything you need to create this future already exists. The tools are there, it’s up to you to implement them.   

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