I read a blog post of an old school friend this week, and it equal parts saddened, and pissed me off. 

She was referencing “The Great Resignation” prediction/phenomena/myth or whatever it is, was, or will turn out to be. 

What hit me was the way she spoke of “getting whipped”, and that “they (businesses/bosses) just don’t care”. She also wrote of inept managers and what I read as a thankless work environment. I’m sad for her and anyone that endures such an environment, and then the other side of the coin is it pisses me off those environments still exist! 

I can only speak from the microcosm that is my business and personal experience but aren’t we better than this?!? 

We’re all humans and know how we want to be treated and made to feel. Can’t we just do that? But for everyone? 

I’ve had the great privilege of working with some brilliant leaders that challenged and appreciated me. I also personally lead teams of individuals that I work to show in as many ways as I can, that they are appreciated and recognised for their effort. I’m not a guru or perfect at anything, but I do try really hard to be a good human. 

The Great Upgrade

The Great Resignation, or what it really is, The Great Leader/Manager upgrade! It’s said people don’t leave jobs; they leave managers. More often than not… absolutely! 

Underappreciated, unmotivated, unchallenged, individuals are already deciding that their time and attention can be better spent elsewhere. Where leaders and managers who have themselves been trained poorly, or lost their way, have dehumanised their workforce and abdicated their leadership responsibilities to a set of poor metrics based on judgement, fear, and reward. 

It’s not good enough. 

As a business owner, I know staff will leave. If I can’t provide the opportunities an individual needs at that time, or they leave for personal reasons, that’s just life and business. But…. everything else is my fault! 

Have I created an environment people want to spend a significant proportion of their life in? Did I hire the right person for our culture/team dynamic? Did I train and educate them in what to do and why it’s done? Did I consistently supervise and coach them to improve? Did I recognise and reward them? 

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That’s my job, and I work hard at it. We all bloody-well should! 

Like all potentially negative scenarios, I look to flip the coin and view the positive side. Tails never fails, we used to say as kids. Rather than defending against a predicted onslaught of resignations, I prefer to keep working hard to build a place that I want to turn up to and trust that others will, too. 

The Great Resignation is now The Great Talent Opportunity.

Disillusioned, underappreciated, talented individuals, step this way! 

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