Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. Every piece of feedback we get is invaluable for continually improving our processes, so the more we get, the better we can help you and your business.

What is CSAT?

This is our scoring system that delivers a customer satisfaction score.

How do we get your CSAT score?

It’s a simple process. After every time we help you with a request through our ticket support system, you’re invited to offer feedback. After your ticket has closed, we’ll send you an email asking you
“Were you satisfied with the service provided by your Evologic team member?”

At the most basic level, you can click on the happy, neutral or sad emoji. You can also add comments in the fields provided. Remember, at any time during the ticket lifecycle, you can provide feedback from within the client portal and access your CSAT score.

Why submit feedback?

The entire business monitors our CSAT results in real time. Every member of the team can see how we are tracking across our entire customer base.

All positive comments are reviewed to provide staff feedback and learning opportunities for the whole team.

All negative responses trigger immediate contact to rectify if required, and a Post Incident Review is conducted by the Service Desk Manager to uncover any learnings.

CSAT is reviewed every week by our leadership team in management meetings, and Post Incident Reviews are discussed with action items taken by the accountable department team leader. Any outstanding item will be added to your Business Technology Review meeting agenda for discussion.

Don’t wait to let us know about an issue

You can submit your feedback at any time with a single click in your Evologic client portal. Rather than waiting until your scheduled review, or when an issue might become too much, the sooner we know about it, the sooner we can work to resolve it.

Evologic takes pride in the relationships we build and receiving and reacting to feedback, good and bad, is integral to building strong business relationships.

We look forward to your feedback!

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